Calendar of Events 2022
Jun 16-17
Black Creek Pioneer Village
Jul 1
Bath Canada Day
Jul 21-22
Fort Ontario, NY

We are looking for new members...

Are you interested in learning a musical instrument? Do you have an interest in history? Would you like to travel and perform with a fun musical group?
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Our Mission

Most organisations have something they are trying to achieve and our group is no different. The following is the group's Mission Statement, which outlines our basic purpose.
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The U.E.L. Heritage Centre & Park

The Loyalist Fifes and Drums is funded and operated by the U.E.L Heritage Centre & Park. The 72-acre historic site has been open to the public since 1956, and provides a fascinating look at early loyalist life.
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What is a Fife & Drum Corps?

During the American Revolution music played an important roll in operation of the army. In fact, without music, the army could not properly function.
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Your Fearless Leaders

Mike Putnam was born and raised near Hamilton Ontario...Andrea Putnam was born and raised in Kingston...
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About Us - Loyalist Fifes and Drums

Fifes and Drums at Westfield Village 2007
The Loyalist Fifes and Drums is a recreated fife and drum corps of the American Revolution period (1776-1784). The purpose of this group is to honour the important role played by Loyalists during this conflict.

The Drums wear a representative uniform, typical of those worn by loyalist drummers (musicians) of a number of regiments. The Corps wears distinctive red coats with green facings (cuffs and collars), as a number of regiments did at one point during the war (including King's Rangers, Butler's Rangers, King's Royal Yorkers, Jessup's Corps, etc). The coats are laced with white wool tape to distinguish the drummers from the soldiers of the line. In addition each drummer carries a sword and fife case. The fifes and drums have also chosen to wear a cut down cap, as was the fashion of soldiers in North America in the late 18th Century.

This group was founded in October of 2005, and is operated by the U.E.L. Heritage Centre and Park in Adolphustown. The Fifes and Drums participate in re-enactments, parades and events both north and south of the Canadian Boarder.

The Corps is made up of young people over the age of 11 years, and all members attend regular practices at the park in Adolphustown throughout the year. The Corps has participated in a number of major events, including the 225th anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown, the 230th anniversary of the Battle of Oriskany, the Fergus Highland Games Tattoo, and the Fort Henry Sunset Ceremony.

For further information on the Loyalist Fifes and Drums please find the contact email on this website.