Calendar of Events 2023
Jun 16-17
Black Creek Pioneer Village
Jul 1
Bath Canada Day
Jul 21-22
Fort Ontario, NY

News - Fort George Regulars Return

Etherial beings garrisoned at Fort George (sighting not yet confirmed)
On the weekend of July 19th, the Loyalist Fifes and Drums revisited Fort George at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This time, they camped outside instead of in the lavish barracks the fort has to offer. The tents may have been a good idea for the few members that discovered the fort was, in fact, a heavily haunted site (especially the barracks they gazed longingly at before). The late-night ghost stories of an old fort friend were only made more effective by the uncooperative weather (insert dramatic thunder here).
Everyone survived the night.

This was an exciting event for the old members of corps, though a possibly traumatic introduction for a new fifer in the ranks. She braved high humidity, bright sun, heavy rain, a few bugs, a lot of sweat and some great times. No ghosts appeared. Despite having no previous experience, she was not tripped up by the new foot drill. Maybe it runs in the family? In the very least, she’ll have some fantastic stories to tell back in the ‘real world.’ Well done, Leisha! We’d all love to see you out again!

New Yorker and potential Fifer Curran Egan also joined LFD for the weekend, hanging with us at every opportunity. Though he was a musketman for the weekend, marching with KRRNY Duncan's Coy, he played some tunes on the tin whistle and made an excellent addition to an already great group of friends.

LFD returns to Fort George later in the summer for the annual Fife and Drum Muster. Luckily it’s also the weekend of the Historical Ghosts, Ghouls and Etherial Orbs Guild Conference in Oriskany, New York.